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  • 1.9 oz. Brush-on
  • Sensitive skin formula 

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Supa Sensitive Bond is created for anyone with sensitive skin to adhesive! This adhesive is for people with dry skin or scalp or not looking to wear lace long term! Sensitive bond last 1 week  with proper install! Sensitive bond is not for any one with oily skin or sweat/ work out often! Scalp protector is always recommend with any lace adhesive! 


Tips: Always use scalp protector when using lace adhesive to avoid any reaction! If reaction occurs stop use immediately! Clean area with 91% alcohol. Combing Supa Sensitive Bond with lace adhesive tapes creates a long term wear (2-3 weeks) 


Directions: always apply adhesive in front hairline! when applying sensitive bond allow adhesive to slightly dry before installing lace! Adhesive will turn clear when dried be sure to touch area to ensure it’s still tacky not completely dry! Use thin layers spreading them out evenly! 2-3 layers are recommended! Always add extra adhesive around ear area! Allow adhesive 15-20 mins to fully dry after applying lace (lace wraps will help)! 


Removal: use 91% alcohol to remove adhesive! Gently rub with towel! Once adhesive is removed from hairline and or lace front follow behind with Lace Exscape Shampoo!! Follow shampoo instructions Allow shampoo to sit 15 mins then rinse away any left over lace residue!